Best Books of 2017

Kinda sad that my last post of 2017 was about the worst books I've read that year, but at least my first post of 2018 is about the BEST books I read! If you think about it, it balances out. Probably. As long as you don't think about it too hard. (Happy two weeks late … Continue reading Best Books of 2017

My #TheReadingQuest Sign-Up Post! (And TBR)

Helloooooooo everyone! Guess who's joining my a reading challenge! (Their 2nd reading challenge, in fact.) It's me. Ya girl. Jamie. And I'm feeling super pumped about it. The beautiful and amazing Aentee (whom I've never met, but judging by how cool her reading challenges are, I'm 100% positive she is both of those things) @ … Continue reading My #TheReadingQuest Sign-Up Post! (And TBR)

I’m Taking A Little Hiatus! (Blame Finals)

Heeeeey, guys... (she says, guiltily) So I've kinda been on an unofficial hiatus for about a week now just because I'm being constantly bombarded with final papers and projects. Also, I'm a little bit burnt out from blogging constantly. So, I just figured I would focus all my time on finishing my classes and moving out of my … Continue reading I’m Taking A Little Hiatus! (Blame Finals)

Top 10 Fandoms I’m Currently In

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday, guys! This weekly feature is, as always, created and hosted by the lovely people @ The Broke and The Bookish. This week's theme: Fandom Freebie! I'm super excited to do this week's theme because I feel like I haven't really expressed any of my fandoms on this blog yet. … Continue reading Top 10 Fandoms I’m Currently In

Monthly Wrap-Up! February 2017

Happy (almost) beginning of March everyone! I love March, the days get longer and warmer and it's the beginning of my favorite season. I'm so ready for spring!! And look at me, it's not even March yet and I already have my wrap-up done. I'm on top of things for once?? Just kidding, I'm working on … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up! February 2017

Awards! Sunshine Blogger Award // Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Sunshine Blogger Award A huge thanks to both Mandy @Book Princess Reviews and Kester @LILbooklovers for nominating me for this award!! They're both super cool people with equally as cool blogs, so go check them out! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. Answer … Continue reading Awards! Sunshine Blogger Award // Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Book Tag Saturday: 2016/2017 Tag

Welcome back to Book Tag Saturday! I'd like to thank the lovely Azia @ The Uncharted Word for tagging me! She's super cool and her blog is one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen; you guys should check it out! The Rules: Mention the creator of the tag. Use the image that you find in … Continue reading Book Tag Saturday: 2016/2017 Tag