10 Books to Get You in the Fall Mood

Hello, all! I love making seasonal book lists so here I am yet again, making a list of books that I personally think are perfect to read in the fall. I’m also gonna split this list into sections ranging from like “cute, fun, and fluffy” to books that are more like…uh…psychologically damaging. I don’t want anyone to pick up a thriller thinking they’re picking up a nice contemporary and then be haunted by their mistakes. But all these books give me feelings that I associate with fall and I hope you maybe find a new book to read this long Labor Day weekend on this list. Also, if a book you associate strongly with fall isn’t on here, leave it in the comments! The more books the merrier. (or the… fall-ier?)

The Lighthearted “Starting on a New Journey” Books



Will I recommend this book every fall for the rest of my life? Yes. The book starts out right before the main character’s first semester at college, so it’s perfect for college students to relate to – especially right now, since it’s the first week of school for a lot of people.



This book takes place in high school, and the plot revolves around football and the main character going to Friday night games. This book just screams fall.



I don’t know what about this book’s magical talking cat and eccentric competitions makes me think about fall, but it does nonetheless. If anything, this book will definitely get your mind off classwork.



A fun adventure story with an evil twist! Perfect for fall. Like the last book, this is the perfect comic to read to distract you from any school/work/life problems you have.



I’m lumping these two books together because they both have the same tone even though their plots are very different. Also these books are completely unrelated, so you don’t have to read My Lady Jane before picking up My Plain Jane. (Though you should totally read both, because they’re wonderful.) Anyway, whether it’s learning to shape shift or running into ghosts in spooky places, these books are great to read in the fall.

The Slightly More Sinister “I’m Fun but Sad” Books



There’s just something about a group of kids travelling the countryside while running from something that makes me think of fall. Couldn’t really tell you why. But the movie just came out, so now is the perfect time to read the book!



A murder mystery is best read during the fall. This is a well-known fact. You’re welcome. But also it takes place the first semester of school, so it’s actually fall.

The Bone-Chilling “Oh, You Wanted to Sleep Tonight?” Books



Ah, yes. A book told through the perspective of a stalker. The perfect book to read curled up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Just do it in the middle of the day with all the lights on. Don’t listen to it on audiobook while you walk alone down a dark street at night. Trust me.



Okay, granted, this book isn’t that dark, but it has a lot of explicit stuff in it so it felt out of place in the more middle-ground list. This book is like attempted murder meets Mean Girls…which really is kind of just Mean Girls. 



I don’t know why I associate Gillian Flynn’s books to seasons so strongly. Like, I put Gone Girl in my spring reads recommendations. I can’t really put a finger on why this book makes me think of fall- maybe because it’s set in a small, Southern town. Only read this if you REALLY need a distraction from your life because I guarantee you will think about little else but the things in this book for possibly weeks. It’s truly something else.

And those are my 10 (technically 11) fall book recommendations! I didn’t expect it to be this hard to write down why exactly I associate these books to fall – it’s more just like an inexplicable gut feeling. But like I said earlier, if you have any books that make you think of fall, please leave them in the comments! I’d love some more books to read. (When don’t I, though?) Did you read any of these books? Do they remind you of fall, too? Let me know! ❤

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