Books that Remind Me of Classic Halloween Movies

Happy Halloween!! Hello, all, and welcome back to another installment of me finding an excuse to talk about movies on a book blog. I just really love those fun, campy Halloween movies. And then I thought, 'hey, these movies are actually pretty similar to the plots of some books I've read'. And now here we … Continue reading Books that Remind Me of Classic Halloween Movies

Most Anticipated Books for Fall 2018

Hey, all! I don't think I've done an anticipated releases post since like...when Caraval came out? I think? Which was in January of 2017. I don't normally do these posts because so many people already do and it would just be redundant, but I've been seeing a lot of the same books over and over … Continue reading Most Anticipated Books for Fall 2018

10 Books to Get You in the Fall Mood

Hello, all! I love making seasonal book lists so here I am yet again, making a list of books that I personally think are perfect to read in the fall. I'm also gonna split this list into sections ranging from like "cute, fun, and fluffy" to books that are more like...uh...psychologically damaging. I don't want … Continue reading 10 Books to Get You in the Fall Mood

Books to Read in Summer!

Hello, all! As I'm sure you all know, June starts tomorrow, which means summer is almost upon us. Well, technically. According to the laws of the calendar. In the laws of nature, however, it's been summer for weeks now. Unless you live in Australia, in which you are most likely bundling up for winter and … Continue reading Books to Read in Summer!

Top 10 Books I Lost Interest In

Hello, all! It's been a while since I've last done a Top Ten Tuesday, huh. But, finally, this week's topic is something I am unfortunately all too familiar with...since I love buying books and then never touching them. This week's theme of Top Ten Tuesday (now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is: February 20: Books … Continue reading Top 10 Books I Lost Interest In

14 Books to Read on Valentine’s Day

Hello, everyone! I think it's been literally one month since I've last posted anything, whoops. But the month of chocolate and romance has revived me, and I am ready to recommend you guys some books that are perfect for Valentine's Day! (Also I have a schedule all set up for the next two weeks, so … Continue reading 14 Books to Read on Valentine’s Day

Best Books of 2017

Kinda sad that my last post of 2017 was about the worst books I've read that year, but at least my first post of 2018 is about the BEST books I read! If you think about it, it balances out. Probably. As long as you don't think about it too hard. (Happy two weeks late … Continue reading Best Books of 2017

Worst Books of 2017

Hello, all! Welcome back to my blog, where the posts are irregular and the opinions don't matter. I was actually gonna publish this post yesterday, but I felt like posting about the worst books I've read this year on Christmas Day would be a little bit of a buzzkill. But now it's the day after … Continue reading Worst Books of 2017