#TheReadingQuest Wrap-Up!

Hello! It's me, Jamie, back from the dead. Sorry I haven't posted since this readathon started or after it ended but I moved into my college dorm and school started, and then I had the flu for two weeks, and I honestly forgot to read because I'm a mess, but forcing myself to sit down and do … Continue reading #TheReadingQuest Wrap-Up!

My #TheReadingQuest Sign-Up Post! (And TBR)

Helloooooooo everyone! Guess who's joining my a reading challenge! (Their 2nd reading challenge, in fact.) It's me. Ya girl. Jamie. And I'm feeling super pumped about it. The beautiful and amazing Aentee (whom I've never met, but judging by how cool her reading challenges are, I'm 100% positive she is both of those things) @ … Continue reading My #TheReadingQuest Sign-Up Post! (And TBR)

Dumbledore’s Army Readathon: Wrap-Up

So for the first two weeks of 2017, I participated in Aentee's amazing read-a-thon called Dumbledore's Army Readathon on her blog Read at Midnight, which focuses on reading diverse books. It was basically a fun way of kicking off a resolution of mine, which is to read more diversely. I didn't finish it, unfortunately...I read 3 … Continue reading Dumbledore’s Army Readathon: Wrap-Up

Finding Audrey, Not If I See You First, & When the Moon was Ours | Mini Reviews

Okay, a preface, for those of you who care: I read these books for Aentee's DAReadAThon (a diverse books read-a-thon which ends tonight @ midnight!!) and I completely forgot that reviews would give you extra points, so I have to push up all the reviews I had scheduled for later to today. So that's why I'm … Continue reading Finding Audrey, Not If I See You First, & When the Moon was Ours | Mini Reviews