My #TheReadingQuest Sign-Up Post! (And TBR)

Helloooooooo everyone! Guess who’s joining my a reading challenge! (Their 2nd reading challenge, in fact.) It’s me. Ya girl. Jamie. And I’m feeling super pumped about it. The beautiful and amazing Aentee (whom I’ve never met, but judging by how cool her reading challenges are, I’m 100% positive she is both of those things) @ Read at Midnight has created, as she calls it, “a reading adventure based entirely on a video-game quest,” which is possibly the best sentence I’ve ever read. So, I basically had to join.

Before I go into anything: none of these pictures/illustrations are mine! (except for my cover image) Aentee made the board and backgrounds and and CW @ Read, Think, Ponder drew the characters!

Alright, here’s the rundown on how this challenge works:

  • It starts August 13th (at midnight) and ends September 10th (also at midnight)
  • To complete this quest, you choose one of four possible paths, and follow the 5 challenges it takes to finish that path. I’m very bad at this description. Here’s a visual:


  • If you complete your character’s path, you can get more points by completing the challenges in the blue middle squares.
  • Uhh, that’s it? There’s a lot of rules about the points system, but Aentee covers all that in her blog post, which I highly recommend you check out because I’m definitely leaving out a lot of details here.

Aaaand here’s me!


I’m a cute lil wizard with a panda pin! Which is basically the person I strive to be in real life. So, since I chose the Mage path, my challenges aaaaare:

A Book With A One Word Title:


I’m not really sure if ‘homegoing’ is an actual, dictionary-defined word, but I’m going with it.

A Book That Contains Magic:


I’m pretty sure this is just a regular contemporary but with magic love potions and other elixirs and honestly I’m super excited to start this one. It sounds adorable. It’s sitting in my room right now and I am willing myself not to start it.

A Book Based On Mythology:


I’ve honestly just had this book sitting on my shelves for years and this is just an excuse to finally read it. Does that…that probably sounds very unenthusiastic. I’m enthusiastic. Please believe me.

A Book Set in A Different World:


Because why haven’t I read this book yet? That’s it, really. Moving on.

The First Book of A Series:

Well, I should have read this challenge question before I picked Shadow and Bone for the other one. Well….great.


This is probably a really bad idea to start two very popular series at the same time buuuuut it’s fine. Plus there’s too many references to this series in the book community that it’s worse if I don’t start it.

And if I finish all of those books before the challenge ends, here are even more books for me to read! I’m just going to pick 3 more challenges from the spaces on the middle of the board…I think that should be enough. If I read more than 8 books during this challenge I will be extremely impressed with myself. Anyway:

POTIONS: A Book Concocted By 2 Authors


OPEN WORLD: Read Whatever You Want


ANIMAL COMPANION: Book Referencing an Animal in the Title

ok this might be a little bit of a stretch

And that’s my TBR! If you guys read this and also want to sign-up, visit Aentee’s sign-up post for more (and better worded) info about it! ❤

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