The Entertainer Blogger Award // The Mystery Blogger Award

I haven't even had this blog for two months and I've already been nominated for awards by four people?? That's crazy. Thank you guys. I'd hug you all if I could. The Entertainer Blogger Award The Rules: – Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. – Add these rules to your … Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award // The Mystery Blogger Award

November Monthly Wrap-Up

Happy December!! We've finally reached my favorite month of the year. November was alright for me. (election aside) It was better than October, at least. I just recently got back to uni after my Thanksgiving break, which was great, but now finals are near and due dates for projects and 6-page papers are rapidly approaching … Continue reading November Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up! October 2016

Hello, all! Oh man, October was endless, but it's finally over. It's been a crazy busy month for me, but I've read 8 books! 8 whole books! I'm proud of myself. Okay, one has been for one of my classes and it took like half an hour to read, but I'm counting it. It's fine. I'll allow it. So … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up! October 2016

10 Books I Brought To College (and why)

Here's a fun fact: this building in the cover photo is one I go into almost every day for classes. Another fun fact: it looks way cooler in the picture. College move-in day was one of panic and chaos (and, dare I say it, pandemonium). My family told me I could bring 5 books with … Continue reading 10 Books I Brought To College (and why)