I’m Taking A Little Hiatus! (Blame Finals)

Heeeeey, guys… (she says, guiltily)

So I’ve kinda been on an unofficial hiatus for about a week now just because I’m being constantly bombarded with final papers and projects. Also, I’m a little bit burnt out from blogging constantly. So, I just figured I would focus all my time on finishing my classes and moving out of my dorm and back home (well, okay, 80% of my time on that and like…20% of it on Netflix) instead of pouring a lot of my energy into keeping up appearances.

I won’t be a total ghost though!! I’ll still reply to comments and read/like/comment on blog posts but I won’t be writing my own posts for about…two weeks? Yeah, two weeks seems good. (This is also probably a downside of me never scheduling posts in advance. Whoops.)

I love you all! See you soon! ❤ ❤

a good joke high caliber
just replace spongebob’s name with my name and there’s my entire semester in a nutshell

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