Books to Read in Summer!

Hello, all! As I’m sure you all know, June starts tomorrow, which means summer is almost upon us. Well, technically. According to the laws of the calendar. In the laws of nature, however, it’s been summer for weeks now. Unless you live in Australia, in which you are most likely bundling up for winter and you probably have 0 interest in the summer break kinda books I’m about to recommend to you. If that’s the case, sorry! But where I live it’s getting warm and sunny — and the bugs are rising up oh no help they’re forging an army — and I’m starting to get the urge to read fun adventure/contemporary type books. And I wanted to quickly recommend some books that remind me of summer in case any of you feel the same! Like my other post about springtime books that I did last spring oh wow, I want to break these books up into categories so you guys can get a feel for what you’re gonna get out of each book and so you can more accurately curate whatever summer reading list you’ve got going.

Also: these are all books that I’ve read and have given 4 or 5 stars to, so really this post is an excuse to talk about some of my recent faves. And so, without further ado, let’s get to the books that give me summery vibes! (can’t believe I just said ‘vibes’ unironically. this is what summer is doing to me)

Good ol’ Contemporary Romance

Great Character Studies With a Lil Bit of Romance (WILL Make You Cry)

The Main Character(s) Embark on a Life-Changing Adventure

Those are the books that make me think of summer! I’m on the lookout for more books to read this summer, so if you’ve read any that remind you of the season, recommend some to me! I’d love to know what summer reads mean to you guys. Love y’all, see you soon with a book review for Meet Cute!! ❤

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