April Wrap-Up & May TBR

Hello, all! I hope everyone had a great April! I was finishing my second year of college (oh wow that sounds so adult) so I was real busy, but now the semester is over and I’m back home! Which hopefully means more time to talk about books. And right now I’m making a nice monthly wrap-up because I haven’t done one in like 40 years and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. And without further ado, let’s get on to the books:



My Rating: 2/5 stars

I know a lot of people love this series, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around this book. I don’t want to badger it to death because, uh, I already did that on my Goodreads review, but my biggest problems with this book was that it felt like it was trying to tackle too many elements and that I couldn’t sympathize with the character’s motivations. I know that sounds vague but I’m afraid if I go into specifics I’ll just never stop.


My rating: 4/5 stars

This book was so good!! I was a little wary of where this plot was gonna go after reading the first book, but now I’m fully on board. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it, but if you were on the fence after reading the first book I would definitely say give this one a chance, because it gets real intense real quick. (Also: what’s the general consensus on Adam right now? Are we supposed to hate him? Because I kinda hate him)


My rating: 4??/5 (maybe a 3.5)

I think I love this book for the sole reason that as I was reading it and thinking the plot was one thing, over the course of like 400 pages it was slowly dawning on me that oh no, that’s not the real plot at all. that’s a red herring plot. the real plot was there the entire time and i never noticed it. I realize that makes no sense, but truly this is the only book I can think of that shifted tone so seamlessly that I didn’t realize it was happening until it was too late. Truthfully this book is not as good as Seraphina, it gets a little dry and repetitive at times, but Rachel Hartman is a master storyteller and this book is solid proof of that. Also, just look at that cover. Gorgeous.


My rating: 5/5 stars!!

Okay, I read this book in one sitting late last night so my feelings are still raw and muddled, but I adored this comic. I knew I was going to love this though because it combines three things that are very dear to my heart: fashion, Paris, and princes. I can’t think of one thing to fault this for – this comic is just wholesome and charming and you should read it immediately. (Also if anyone has watched or read Princess Jellyfish, it reminded me a lot of that)


Okay, actually, I’m not currently reading anything – mostly because I have a huge stack of books and I don’t know where to start. So I’m just going to make this section my TBR section and list all of the books I’m hoping to get to in May.

And those are (some of) the books I want to read next month! Hopefully without school in the way I can get to all of these. Have you guys read any of these books? Have any suggestions on which one I should start with? Let me know! ❤

P.S. I’m also working on a review for Meet Cute right now so I’ll be back soon! Thank you to everyone who keeps reading my posts and following me even though my schedule has gone from sparse to basically non-existent. I’m working on posting more in the summer, but you guys are the real MVPs here & I love you all. (Know that if I was typing this on my phone there would be like 100 heart emojis)

4 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up & May TBR

  1. I really liked The Dream Thieves it was my favourite read of the series 🙂 Adam’s actually my favourite raven boy ha I promise he improves


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