Worst Books of 2017

Hello, all! Welcome back to my blog, where the posts are irregular and the opinions don’t matter. I was actually gonna publish this post yesterday, but I felt like posting about the worst books I’ve read this year on Christmas Day would be a little bit of a buzzkill. But now it’s the day after Christmas and we’re all a little sad it’s over (probably), so now this post will fit in with the mood perfectly!

Disclaimer: this post is NOT about books released in 2017- these are just the books I read in 2017. Also, in case any of these books are your favorites, uhhh…sorry in advance. Please don’t hate me.

And without further ado…let’s get into the harsh judgement!


Made You Up by Francesca Zappia– Oh boy. I actually really liked Zappia’s other book, Eliza and her Monsters, (you can see my review for that heeeere if you want) but I definitely had my issues with how that book fell apart when the conflict came to a head. This book, however, feels like it’s falling apart at all times. The plot was extremely convoluted, and it was made even worse by really flat and unlikable characters (and slut-shaming!) and Zappia shamelessly using her main character’s mental illness for added plot twists and shock value. Speaking of mental illness…I only took an introduction to psychology course in college but I feel like even I know more about schizophrenia and medication than Zappia does. There’s a lot of misinformation in this book. I definitely appreciate Zappia for trying to represent this severe of a mental illness, but unfortunately it seemed like she did the bare minimum of research.


Every Day by David Levithan– Ugh, this book was not good for my health. Every time I picked it up I just ended up really angry with it. There’s so! much! wasted potential! The premise is of an alien (I think? or some sort of entity) who- for some reason- lives by spending each day of their life in a different human’s body. Except -again, for some reason– each human they inhabit lives within like 3 hours of each other. In America. (Just kidding, I know the exact reason. It’s so Levithan doesn’t have to do any research on other countries.)


Also, this premise would make a great adventure book, but of course the alien thing immediately falls in love with a girl and the whole book is about her. And instead of taking advantage of having a new life to discover every day, they spend the entire time just using the person they’re inhabiting to talk to this one girl. It would be so cool if we could go more in-depth with the different people whose lives we enter, but every person just ends up being an identical vessel to get them closer to the love interest. Which is…boring.


And The Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich– Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scary story. At least, I assume I love a good scary story, but I haven’t really read a great horror book yet. And, uhh, this book was no different. Actually, I kinda really hated this book. Of all the books on this list, I think this wins the worst worst book award. Oh wait, actually…hold on…

that’s better

My biggest issue with this book was definitely tone. The writing style wasn’t my favorite either, it felt like it was either trying to be juvenile or patronizing, but this book tried to mash together psychological horror with a budding romance and it was… NOT successful. In fact, this book didn’t even try to mix the two genres. It just switched from horror to romance so fast and so frequent that it gave me whiplash. This book isn’t terrifying…it’s just irritating.



26 Kisses by Anna Michels– What a weird book. Nothing in this book really made any sense to me. Not even the premise, in which a girl spends her summer trying to kiss guys whose names start with each letter of the alphabet. I actually don’t know why I picked this up. I don’t know why I finished it. This book is entirely forgettable- I’m trying to remember why I hated it but I can’t even remember any of the characters or like 90% of the plot. The only thing I do remember is how unnecessary it all was. The challenge of kissing 26 different guys is there because the main character is heartbroken over her ex, but she gets over him by meeting this guy at her work who has nothing to do with the challenge. Yet she still wants to finish it because…plot, I guess? Though in the end she doesn’t actually finish it, so the entire main plot of this book is rendered pointless in the end. This challenge could be completely removed, and the events in this book would remain the same. Yet it’s the main plot of the book. I don’t know. I don’t know.


The Program by Suzanne Young– Oh jeeeeeeez what a problematic book. I read it not because it sounded good but because I wanted to know why this book was so popular and I already owned it, so I admit I was skeptic of it from the start. Although, there were some things I liked: the suspense was well done and I found myself really caring for the main character and her boyfriend (in the beginning, at least). But! The characters got increasingly more annoying and predictable, especially the main character, and there was a distinct drop in quality about 70% in, where you could tell the author just wanted to end the book already and so she found every cliche and shortcut she could and used them so the “plot” would make sense. Plus, this book has such a narrow view of depression. Every depressed person is described as “sick”, they look and act like zombies and scrawl black spirals in their notebooks. This book could have the most well written plot in existence, and I would still hate it for its harmful views on depression and suicide. The book even shames the main character’s parents for being scared for her and trying to get her help so she doesn’t commit suicide. So, bottom line on this book: yikes.

Those are the most disappointing books I read this year! I’m also working on a post for the best books of the year, and that list is thankfully much longer than this one. Also, sorry I got so rant-y in this post, I was more angry at these books than I thought I would be. But my anger is reserved for the books, not the people who read and enjoyed them, so if you see a book you liked on this list, I’m glad you liked them! These are just my opinions. I’ve definitely seen some of my favorite books on other worst books lists.

Did you guys read any of these books? Did you love or hate them? And what is your worst read of 2017? Let me know! ❤

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