December TBR!

Hello, all!! It’s that time of year again. My favorite month. (It’s December, if you couldn’t tell already.) For the most part, I never mood read. I never get a craving to read a certain kind of book at a certain time of year. Except, for some reason, in December. This month makes me want to read fantasy books and mysteries, and usually ones that are kinda dark. So! I’ve decided to make a TBR, so instead of scrambling to find books that fit that genre, I’ll have them all picked out in advance. Hooray for planning! I was just at the library earlier today, and I checked out all the books that I was really in the mood for. There’s a lot more contemporaries this time around, however. Not sure how that happened.

PLUS, I’m trying to complete the Goodreads reading challenge of 60 books in a year, and so far I’m up to 55. So I have to read at least 5 books this month, which is gonna be tough since I’ll be studying for finals for like two weeks. And all the books I picked out for this month are uhhhh… 400+ pages. Whoops! (Why didn’t I pick 50?? 50 is such a nice number. Half of a hundred. Who chooses to read 60 books in a year?) Anyway, let’s get into the books:


Honestly, this is probably more of a fall read…but I just bought it and I know if I don’t put it on my TBR it’ll just sit on my shelves for years. So I’m making myself read it now. Forcing yourself to read a book is always fun. (it’s not, this is a bad idea)


This is also more of a fall read, and it was actually on my Halloween TBR, but I got a copy out of the library and read about 50 pages before I absolutely fell in love with the story and had to stop. So for now I’m just waiting until I go home for the holidays to read my own copy that I bought yeeeaars ago and annotate it.


I’m not gonna lie, I picked this because it had a blue cover and blue reminds me of winter. My thought process is just like a caveman sometimes. So now this is on my TBR. Because it’s blue. Ta-da?


Look, another blue book! But this one has snow on it, so like…it makes a little more sense. I’ve actually already started this one and it’s really good so far, plus the main character loves cooking so I can totally use this as an excuse to make way too many Christmas cookies.


Winter is for fantasy! I actually started this in the middle of summer and I had to return it to the library before I could finish it. I didn’t really care enough to check it back out again then, but now I’m in the mood for some fantasy and so I can finally, finally finish this. (Plus…you know…it’s blue)


I know this book is about podcasts, but that’s really all I know about it. The cover just looks so dark and atmospheric and blue that it seemed like it would be the perfect winter read. Plus I really wanted to read this when it first came out & never got around to it, so now I can!

That’s my TBR for this month! Did you guys read any of these books? Did you like them? (Hopefully you did, since I have to read them) What are some of your guys’ favorite winter-y reads? Let me know! ❤

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