Spooky/Scary Halloween TBR

Hello! Happy hallo-thanks-mas season everyone. I can’t believe Halloween is less than two weeks away. Which means I should prrrrooobably get started on my Halloween TBR.

Disclaimer: I’m going to say the word ‘spooky’ way too much in this post. I’m sorry.

me, realizing Halloween is almost here

This post started out as a ‘Halloween reading recommendations’ but then I realized I’ve only read, like, maybe 3 scary books that I ended up liking…so instead of telling you guys to readΒ YouΒ by Caroline Kepnes for the 20th time (altho I totally am, please read it) I’m going to make myself read some spooky books.

Also: because my heart can only take so much, I’m splitting this TBR into both horror books and just some general spooky reads.

SpoOoOoky Books:


Actual Scary(ish) Books:



How am I going to read all of these books in only two weeks, you may ask?? I honestly don’t know. Wish me luck.

Do you guys have any horror book recommendations for me? What’s the worst horror book you’ve ever read?? Let me know! ❀

i really like halloween, if u can’t tell

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