#TheReadingQuest Wrap-Up!

Hello! It’s me, Jamie, back from the dead. Sorry I haven’t posted since this readathon started or after it ended but I moved into my college dorm and school started, and then I had the flu for two weeks, and I honestly forgot to read because I’m a mess, but forcing myself to sit down and do this readathon was great because I did it! I finished the challenge! I feel so accomplished!

Also, I know this readathon ended way earlier this month, but I still want to do a wrap-up for it. Because what’s the point of accomplishing something if you don’t go on the internet for validation?? (Just kidding. Kinda)

Books Read:

So I took the mage path and for that quest I read 5 books…which are a little different from the ones in my TBR because I ran into some complications (and by “complications” I mean I forgot to bring some books with me to college and couldn’t find them at the library):

1. A Book With A One Word Title / Teeth

teeth.jpgMy Rating: 2/5

This was a weird little book that I picked up solely (dually?) because the silver cover flashed at me out of the corner of my eye at the library, and I remembered that Cait @ Paper Fury gave it 5 stars and I trust her ratings more than I should.

This book is extremely character-driven, which is usually a hit or miss with me. The main characters in this book were all very bitter and closed-off and I had trouble caring about them (meaning I didn’t care about them at all) and that made the plot fall flat for me.

2. A Book That Contains Magic / The Secret of a Heart Note


Rating: 4/5

This is the cutest book eeeeeeever. It was so fun to read, and I loved it because it answers the question “but what if an ordinary high school contemporary book had some love potions thrown in?” Which has been a question in the back of my mind ever since I got a book similar to this once when I was a kid at a book store on vacation and it was not good. This book is love potions done right, and it’s so satisfying.

3. A Book Based on Mythology / The Battle of the Labyrinth


Rating: 4/5 stars

So far, I think this is my least favorite book of the series but that’s not really saying much because, you know. It’s Percy Jackson. It’s so good. Moving on.

4. A Book Set in a Different World / Illuminae


My Rating: 3/5 stars

I have a bit of a complicated relationship with this book. It’s kind of like We Were Liars for me, because both that book and Illuminae were frustratingly boring and confusing at times and both had some pretty cringeworthy writing, but the ending was so good it almost made up for it. I liked the ending so much that I’m definitely reading the sequel, but unfortunately this one was disappointing.

5. First Book of a Series / A Court of Thorns and Roses


My Rating: 4/5 stars

I liked this book! I was so surprised that I liked this book. I really, really liked it. And people are saying ACOMAF is even better, so I’m super excited to continue this series. Although I really like Feyre with Tamlin so… I’m also kinda scared to keep reading.

Side Quest:

Open World / First & Then


My Rating: 3/5 stars

I loved Emma Mills’s book The Adventure Ends so much that I had to read her debut. And this readathon was my excuse to finally do it. And it was…good? It was okay. I felt like this book was trying to address too many issues in only 200 something pages and it didn’t really succeed. But I absolutely love her writing style and her characters so she’s very quickly becoming one of my fave authors.

Those are all the books I read! I’m not going to tally up the score because it’s so late after this challenge finished and I know for sure I’m not going to be in the running to win, but this was so much fun and Aentee mentioned doing another one of these quest challenges in the future and I’m definitely ready to sign up again.

And don’t worry about me disappearing for a month again – I already have another post ready to go and a few more in the works! ❤

4 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest Wrap-Up!

    1. Oh no, sorry for not seeing your comment earlier! But thank you!! ❤ And I know, I've been so sporadic on this blog lately, and having the flu definitely did NOT help. But thanks for sticking around while I try to get back into the swing of things, it means a lot! 😀

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