My Top 5 Favorite Audiobooks!

Hey, guys! I decided to make this post because I’ve been hearing a lot of praise recently for the narrator of the A Gentleman’s Guide of Vice And Virtue audiobook and I’ve been wondering “what other books are really great to listen to in audiobook format??” So…I figured other people might have the same question and I decided to make a list of my own personal audiobook favorites in case anyone wants some recommendations. So here are my top 5! (Mostly because I haven’t listened to enough to make a top 10…maybe in a year I will.) Although I haven’t listened to AGGOV&V yet, so I’m not actually sure if I’ll like the narrator or not. But it’s fine, the books on this list are definitely, 100%, fantastically narrated. Guaranteed. By me. Jamie.

Also, this list isn’t in any particular order. Except for the first one, since that was the one I immediately thought of when I made this list. So…I guess that means it’s my favorite. Probably.

  1. You by Caroline Kepnes


Narrated by Santino Fontana. Who also voiced Hans in Frozen! Remember how he was really good at being both a cute love interest and a creepy villain in that movie? (If not…sorry for just spoiling Frozen for you) That’s exactly what he does in this book. Fontana does an amazing job at both getting under your skin and being frustratingly charming throughout the entire book. Plus, he narrates in second person, so it’s like he’s talking directly to you. Which is extremely immersive and extremely creepy.

2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


Narrated by Rebecca Soler. Rebecca’s voice is just so soothing! Which I know doesn’t sound like very high praise, but her voice is really so nice to listen to and it made me want to keep reading onto the next book in the series. Which leads me to the next book on this list…

3. Heartless by Marissa Meyer


Narrated by…surprise, surprise, Rebecca Soler. Okay, this is kind of a cheat because it’s the same author and narrator as the last one, but it’s still great! And that’s all that matters. I love this audiobook for the same reasons I love the TLC audiobooks: Rebecca’s voice makes it so easy to tune in to and immerse yourself in. Honestly, if you were new to audiobooks, this is the book I would recommend you listen to first. It’s a great starting point.

4. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Medows


Narrated by Katherine Kellgren. Because it’s a British book with a British narrator and that’s the kind of immersion I need. With some of the British books I read/listen to, some of the English humor goes over my head or goes unnoticed because I’m a simple American and don’t understand it sometimes. But Kellgren nails the humor of this book. She’s so funny; she has the best comedic timing so the jokes always land, and she’s the best at making up voices. You can tell while listening to this that she just had so much fun recording this audiobook, and it made me really happy.

5. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


Narrated by Dan Stevens. You know, the actor. That one guy on Downton Abbey. The Beast in Beauty and the Beast. That guy.  But honestly, he makes a great narrator. He has this great deep, sinister narrator voice that perfectly matches the tone and pulled me more into the mystery aspect of the book. Also, if you know about this book then you know that there’s a lot of characters that are integral to the story, and Stevens did a really impressive job of creating consistent and unique voices and quirks for all of them and that definitely made keeping track of everyone a lot easier.

Those are my favorite audiobooks! For now, at least. What are your favorite audiobooks? I’m desperately looking for great new audiobooks to listen to and I would love to hear your recommendations!! Also: are there any audiobooks that were so bad it ruined the book for you? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Audiobooks!

  1. I haven’t listened to any of those on audiobook, but I love the narrator of the Throne of Glass series (Elizabeth Evans), and the Red Queen Series (I forget her name….)

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