Monthly Wrap-Up! April 2017

It’s May!! Okay, it’s been May for a week. But still. May marks the first month where I’m done with school! Ergo, I like May. Plus, I’m done with all my required sci-fi classics reading, so you guys won’t have to see those in my wrap-ups anymore (and I won’t have to read them)! Except there are two of them in this wrap-up. But then that’s it. For a loooooong time.


April was not a good reading month for me. I only read 5 books and I only really liked one of them? Thankfully the first book I read in May I gave 5 stars to, so things are looking up. But still. April was a struggle.







Oh look, the two books I’m reading have a matching color scheme again. I feel like I’m subconsciously choosing which books to read purely for aesthetic reasons. Which I’m totally fine with.

Scythe – I’m only like 30 pages in but it’s really promising! Except for the fact that I’m not liking either main character so far. But I’m hoping that changes??

A Gathering of Shadows – So good!!! Though it’s taking me forever to read for some reason. It’s been months and I’m only halfway through. I should dedicate some time and just finish it in one sitting.


Ah yes, life. I may have had too much of a life in April, AKA I was drowning in projects and finals. But thankfully my freshman year of college is over and behind me, and May is going to be a lot more mellow. Which means more reading! More blogging! Yay!

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