Monthly Wrap-Up! March 2017

It’s April! Finally! For some reason, March seemed to drag on for me. But now it’s turned into April, AKA my last month of school, AKA a month that should hopefully be much warmer than March. (I say, as my city is still in the 40s and expecting snow tomorrow.) Also April is going pretty quickly for me so far, since we’re already almost a week in and I haven’t had time to write my wrap-up post until just now. (Whoops?) But nonetheless! Here I am. And here you are. Aaand I should probably get started. Okay.


I only read 6 books last month?? I mean, 6 is still pretty good. But half of these were required reading for class which is…less good. But I already finished 2 books since April started, so April is already shaping up to be a better reading month anyway.



Full review here! This was also the book featured in my first blog tour, so that’s pretty cool.




Full review here! (I say “review” but it’s basically just me ranting about how sad this book makes me.)


(The movie adaptation is Edge of Tomorrow, btw)


Heir of Fire (54%) – I’m gonna be honest, I’m not liking Celaena’s subplot so far. Every other part of the plot is great though. Plus Maas’ writing got like 10x better somehow.

A Gathering of Shadows (17%) – I don’t know why I didn’t care much about the characters in the first book of this series, because I would probably die for them now. This book is SO good so far.


Only three more weeks of college!! Well okay, three more weeks left of freshman year, but still! Summer break is so close. I just have to get through finals. And projects. And papers. ButI finished all of my required reading for my sci-fi class so now I finally have more time to read books I actually want to read. Freedom feels so good. Now I can finally finish Heir of Fire, which I’ve been reading since…February…

How was your guys’ March? Did you have a better reading month than I did? Let me know!

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