10 Books I Read in a Day (or Two)

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday!! It’s been a while. Thankfully, I had a lot of books to choose from for this week’s theme so this post is in the bag. Dans le sac. And as always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by the lovely people @ The Broke and the Bookish. 

This week’s theme: Read In One Sitting

Confession: I haven’t really read any books in one sitting (other than, like, children’s books or comics). I’m extremely restless and can’t really make myself sit down and read for hours at a time soooo, for this week I’m going with books that took me only a day or two to finish! Which is usually because they’re really good. Sometimes just because they’re short and I want to be done with them as soon as possible. But all the books on this list are books i really enjoyed!


Ahhh, this book. Even though this book was a little too…I don’t even know. Unrealistic? I really liked it. This book is about a girl whose fictional dream boyfriend mysteriously shows up in her new school, very real and very not a dream. Which is amazing. The one question as to why he’s real was enough to keep me from putting this book down. I needed to know!! I needed the science behind it. The story was fluffy and cute and the characters were great together, and it was just too fun to stop reading.


This book was also a little too absurd for me to really like it, but it was so easy to get through! This book has snappy, short chapters and cute lil drawings and charts everywhere which made it super easy for me to lose track of time. Plus the plot had so many twists and turns. Every time I thought I would stop, something happened in the book and I was like, well, can’t stop now. And I would just keep going.


These books are so fun!! I’ve only read the first three of the series so far, but each one has only taken me a day to read. I listened to them all on audiobook and found myself doing a lot more chores than I normally do just so I would have an excuse to keep listening. Which is good for me, I guess?

4. adventure

There’s something about adventure/road trip type books that make them so easy for me to get through. Plus, Emma Mills’ writing is so witty and relatable and just phenomenal. This book immersed me like no other. This is not a book, it’s an experience. (Please read it.)

5. itsnotme

Oh look, another fluffy contemporary. I flew through this book not just because the plot was great, but because of the way it was written. This book is told entirely through dialogue as the main character interviews all of her past boyfriends. This whole book was just like a back-and-forth between characters, and it was so hard to break myself from their conversations and stop reading.


Oh hey! I did read an actual book in one setting. It was this one. Granted, I listened to this on audiobook, but still. I was stuck on a bus for 6 hours, so I turned on this audiobook at 2x speed and finished it a few hours later. Anyway, I love Sophie Kinsella’s books and they’re all so easy to get lost in. Plus this book was about a main character with social anxiety, so, like, #relatable.

7. female

I honestly don’t know how I finished this in a day. This is an extremely difficult book to get through, with heavy themes and uncomfortable situations. I think this book just caught my interest and I couldn’t shake the story until I finished it. This book is so important and so good.

8. martian

This is the latest book I finished! And by latest, I mean I finished it yesterday. And started it the day before yesterday. This book is set over a span of years where humans travel to Mars, and it’s told through these horrifying, mysterious, and suspenseful short stories. These stories were too shocking to stop reading, I think. Almost every story ended in suspense, and I just had to keep going. Plus, it was only like 200 pages. So.


This book, or basically every other book in the Selection series. This book was the one I enjoyed the most, though. (Is that controversial to say? I have no idea how everyone else feels about these two extra books. I just like Eadlyn more than America. Which is also probably a controversial opinion. I’m just gonna stop talking now.) I’ve listened to this entire series on audiobook. I would usually listen to one book every Sunday, where I spent like 5-6 hours cleaning and just have these books to keep my mind busy the whole time. This series was just so fun to listen to, and the extreme fluffiness of the books, while a little annoying, made it easy for me to focus on the books rather than the toilets I was scrubbing. So, that’s good. Thanks Kiera Cass.


I also listened to this book on audiobook! I actually highly recommend the audiobook, the man who read it had the best voices for the characters, and could make any sentence sound scary. Anyway, there’s probably a reason I don’t read mysteries a lot, and that is: because I cannot rest until I know who the culprit is. And so when I read probably the most popular and well-loved mystery ever written, I obviously had to know how it ended. So I just had this audiobook on constantly, throughout the whole day. While I was eating. While I was driving. While I was blogging. While I was brushing my teeth. And I did it. I finished it in a day. And now I know how this book ends. And it’s great. (Both the feeling and the book.)

That’s the list! Have you guys read any of these books? What books have you read within a day or two? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “10 Books I Read in a Day (or Two)

  1. Great picks, Jamie! I also really loved And Then There Were None – I probably did read it in one day, actually, just because I remember being on the train when I was reading it.

    And I really need to pick up This Adventure Ends! I loved Emma Mills’ First and Then but never got to checking out her sophomore novel. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it. 😉

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