Book Tag Saturday: School Subjects

Okay first of all, WordPress has changed up its post formatting and now I don’t know where anything is and honestly it kinda scared me.

Anyway, I’d like to thank TWO lovely people for tagging me: Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional and Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews! Both their blogs are wonderful, and I forgive them for making me think about high school for this tag.

Also: this tag was created by notsomoderngirl, and you can check out her tag (and other great posts) at her blog here!

Let’s get into it!

Math- A book that left your head spinning in circles

It might be because the question has the word ‘circle’ in it, but…


The whole book was a wild ride but I was still not ready for that ending.

English- A book you think has beautiful written expression


My favorite book! I love the writing style – I have so many favorite quotes from this book, it’s ridiculous.

Physics- Your favorite scientifically minded character from a book or film


Cress, probably. Does she count? I’m gonna say she does. She’s good with computers and tracking things with computers and she made her own robot, so. Honestly she’s such a role model…she gets the guy and she knows how computers work? That’s all I want in life.

Chemistry- Your favorite literary couple?


If I had to pick an absolute favorite…probably Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Iconic.

Biology- Your favorite book/series/film character


Oh jeez, that’s a big question. Well I already named my favorite book so…favorite series has got to be Harry Potter. (I know that’s a cop-out but it’s true.)

French- Your favorite foreign book/film/program


Does it count if I saw this movie when it was dubbed in English? Hopefully. Anyway, this is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie, and Howl is my husband.

Art- Have you ever judged a book by its cover, even if you weren’t meant to?!


Oh yeah, definitely. Unrivaled was probably the most recent one. I got it because the cover is gorgeous, but the book was…not. It wasn’t that good. I forgot a good 60% of the plot already.

History- The last historical book you read


Oh man, it’s been a while. This is a (very big) stretch, but I’m gonna go with My Lady Jane. 

Geography- A literary destination you would really like to visit (real or fictional)


Red London!! I want to visit actual London anyway, and a London with magic everywhere is way better. Although I haven’t finished this series yet so hopefully Red London stays…intact.

Drama- a book you think has a lot of overdramatic hype


Wait! Put down your pitchforks! Let me explain myself. I liked this book, but I only gave it 3.5 stars. It wasn’t as amazing as the hype made me believe it would be. I think maybe I just don’t like Nicola Yoon’s writing?? Who knows. But yeah, this one was a little bit of a disappointment.

I tag…

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16 thoughts on “Book Tag Saturday: School Subjects

  1. YES, CRESS COUNTS. She always counts, lol. XD Goodness, I wished I would have picked her for my pick. XD Sorry to make you think of the horror that was high school, but such a fun and fantastic tag!!

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