Books to Read in Spring!

Welcome to my “oh no, there’s not a Top Ten Tuesday theme for this week and now I have to come up with something original” segment.

Happy March everyone! (I say, even though we’re already a week into it.) Happy almost spring! It’s still really cold where I am and not looking like spring whatsoever, but I’m already feeling the spring-cleaning energy coming on, so  I’m making a list! Why not?

Disclaimer: This list is very unofficial and only based on the books I’ve personally read (and enjoyed). Also, not all of these books actually take place in the spring, but they do remind me of it.

Also: sorry Australia.

The “New Beginnings” Category

Because spring is the season that everyone associates with birth, life, turning over a new leaf, etc., etc., this only seems fitting.


who says spring books need to be light and fluffy? not me

The “Main Character Drops Everything to Go to Another Country” Category

Because who hasn’t wanted to do that? Spring is the best season for travelling: perfect for the restless and the wanderlusting. And if you can’t travel, reading about it is the next best thing.


okay, so they travel to different worlds, not different countries. potato, po-tah-to




The “I Just Want to Read A Nice Romance” Category

Spring is arguably the most romantic of all the seasons, so if you just want to read a cute, fluffy love story while you’re outside enjoying the nice weather, I won’t judge. (In fact, I’ll probably join you)


this book does address a lot more serious themes than just romance, but romance is a pretty big part of it




















That’s my list! I might update it in a year with more spring faves if I have any. What books do you guys think are great for the spring? Let me know!

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