Book Tag Saturday: Opposite Book Tag

Thank you to Liza @ Dusk Angel Reads for tagging me!! She has great posts and you guys should go check out her blog!! Also I’m getting to this tag so late, I’m sorry.

This tag is all about book opposites, so let’s get into it!

 First book in your collection/Last book you bought

I have no idea what the first book in my collection is, but this is the first book I got on Kindle so that counts right??
Since the last time I bought books, I bought 28 at once, so instead of putting all of those on here I’m gonna go with the last book I got from the library.


A cheap book/An expensive book

I got this for like $3 at a used book sale!!
I haven’t bought this yet, but I 100% plan to. But it’s like $20. If anyone wants to buy this for me…wink, wink.







A book with a male protagonist/One with a female protagonist

Don’t know why this was the first book that popped into my mind since I didn’t enjoy it that much, but there ya go. Male protagonist.
Female protagonist?? You mean like 90% of all the books I’ve read?? Here’s one.







A book you read fast/One that took you long to read

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 3 days on any of the books in this series; it just goes by so fast.
This book….took me over 2 months to read…I could never get into it and kept putting it off. But I did it guys!! I finished it!! And will never read the rest of the series.

Pretty cover/Ugly cover

I love these colors so much, and the intricacy of all the little lines. And the cover even relates to the story so bonus points!!
GOD, this cover is awful. This is early 2000s graphics at its finest. (or its worst, I should say).







A national book/An international book

This book takes place in a really small American town, which is actually pretty integral to the story.
I’m not sure where precisely  this book takes place, but it contains a lot of Eastern and Persian culture, which I liked reading more about than the story’s main romance TBH.

A thin book/A thick book

Shortest book I read last year! 83 pages.
Longest book I read last year! 823 pages.

Fiction book/Non-fiction book

A magical realism book!! With a girl who grows roses out of her arm and a boy who paints moons, this book is very fictional.
This is definitely the top non-fiction book I want to read!! But of course I want to watch the Gilmore Girls revival before I read it. Just in case.

Very (way too) romantic book/Action book

Oh man, this book. So much romance. And when there is no actual romance, the main character is thinking about romance.
One of the very few action books with no romance in it?? I was very surprised. Too bad the story wasn’t that good.

A book that made you happy/One that made you sad

I actually cried out of happiness when I finished this? Granted, it was 4 A.M., but still. The ending was so cute.
I loved the characters so much… they deserved better  😦












That’s the tag!! I’m still taking a break from tagging people because I feel like there’s a cycle of me tagging the same people and I want to give you guys a break. BUT if you want to do this tag, do it!! You are now hereby tagged.

3 thoughts on “Book Tag Saturday: Opposite Book Tag

  1. I actually just bought THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES by Mindy McGinnis because I’m going to go see the author at the SE-YA Book Festival! How much did you like it?

    It’s funny how you mentioned magical realism since I’m actually studying it in English right now! I’m still trying to understand what it is, but we’re going to read Franz Kafka’s METAMORPHOSIS! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so cool! I really liked Female of the Species, especially the message it promotes. But I speed-read it at the end of last year which I DON’T recommend doing lol. The book deals with some pretty heavy stuff and reading it all at once was a lot for me.
      And yesss, magical realism is my fave genre!! I hope you like it. I haven’t read Metamorphosis yet but I really want to. I read one of Kafka’s other books and didn’t really like it so let me know if this one is any good!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh okay. I’m looking forward to reading it, but I’ll need to carry a box of tissues with me probably! 😉
        I actually am not a big fantasy fan. I like some books, but I’m more of a sci-fi/historical fiction person… But maybe fantasy and magical realism might rub off on me? Who knows? 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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