Book Tag Saturday: The Emoji Book Tag

Thank you to Nadwa @Painfully Fictional for tagging me! For years, I only used like 3 emojis but a couple months ago I’ve started using them way more and now I kind of love them. I honestly had way too much fun choosing my 5 emojis for this tag. (also: is the plural of ’emoji’ emojis or just emoji? Or maybe emoji is already plural and the singular is like…emojium.) Anyway…

The rule of this tag is to pick 5 emojis and choose a book that you think relates to each one. Here we go:

1. Loudly Crying Emoji

a book I cried way too much over






I’ve mentioned a lot of times that I was a weeping, sniveling mess by the time this book was over. It’s not something I’m proud of.






2. Relaxed Smiling Emoji

a book that was super cute




I’m not going to say I loved this book, but it was super adorable. It’s all about first love and it’s fluffy and charming and I highly recommend it. But I would also recommend stopping after the first book, because the second book is a little too fluffy.





3. Side-Eye Emoji

a book that disappointed me






This is a really recent book…but I still can’t get over how boring it was. I was hoping to love it because so many other people did, but it wasn’t what I was expecting and I didn’t really care for it.





4. Hysterically Laughing Emoji

a book I found hilarious






I loved this book! This is one of the rare fantasy books where comedy is actually a main component of the story. It was so great and proved that a book can still be serious without losing its humor.




5. “Oh Well” Shrugging Emoji

a book I loved that everyone else hated


This book has a 3.3 rating on Goodreads, which is…not good. I honestly don’t remember much about this book but my past-self gave it a rare 5 stars and I remember crying while reading it, so..there’s that. I don’t know, It was really cute and funny and about a girl finding herself while visiting Italy, which is, as always, right up my alley.




I tag…

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