Totally Should Have Book Tag

Welcome back to Book Tag Saturday! Thank you to @icebreaker694 for tagging me!!! I have a lot of opinions about books so this is gonna be fun.

1. Totally Should Have Gotten A Sequel


As amazing as this standalone was, I NEEDΒ to find out how Elise’s life is when she’s an adult. Is she okay?? Is she alive? Please Leila Sales, please tell me.

2. Totally Should Have Gotten A Spin-Off Series


This book’s universeΒ is just so funny and fascinating and I need more of it. What other planets and technological advances are out there?? I will give like…20 dollars to find out. Maybe more.

3. An Author That Totally Should Write More Books


Disregarding the horrible cover, Jaclyn Moriarty writes the BEST books. And then she just dropped off the face off the Earth?? Just kidding, but she’s only publishing like one book every two years and I miss her.

4. A Character that Totally Should’ve Ended Up With Someone Else


Okay, who in their right mind would choose Evan over Zombie?? Cassie has terrible judgement. Also, Zombie and Ringer weren’t a good couple either. Just terrible pairings all around in this series.

5. Totally Should Have Ended Differently


The ending was so abrupt and bizarre. It definitely could have gone smoother than it did, it just felt so rushed.

6. Totally Should Have Had A Movie Franchise


Because how cool would that be?? It would be so nice to put faces to the characters and futuristic fairy tales are something I will never get tired of seeing.

7. Totally Only Should Have Had One Point of View


This is a book I’m still reading, but I am really not into the chapters from the mom’s perspective. They’re so weird and unnecessary and have nothing to do with the main character and what she’s dealing with.

8. Totally Should Have Had A Cover Change


I don’t know, it’s not doing anything for me. I feel not much time was put into it. Also, yellow is my least favorite color.

9. Totally Should Have Kept the Original Cover


This was so unnecessary…the cover looked so nice and antique and now it just looks cheap.

10. Totally Should Have Stopped at Book One


I didn’t even like this book. It was so slow and went on for far too long. The plot is basically finished and I have no idea what the second book would even be about.

That’s the tag! Do you agree with any of my answers? Do you disagree? Let me know! And feel free to do this tag, it was super fun.



7 thoughts on “Totally Should Have Book Tag

  1. I agree with you on The Glittering Court, it wasn’t very impressive. I’m not sure what the second book is about, but I know it’s about different characters so I might give it a try. Great answers!!!


  2. Agreed with Everything, Everything and The Glittering Court. I think the ending of EE was kind of a cop-out, and The Glittering Court was just so… bad, I DNFed it within a couple of chapters, haha. It’s too bad bc Richelle Mead actually used to be one of my favourite authors, but her recent releases are just… not good.


    1. Glad you agree!! The ending to Everything, Everything was waaaay more fairy-tale than realistic. And I wish I DNFed The Glittering Court…it was so terrible. Also it was the first book I read by Richelle Mead so it was a bad first impression for me πŸ™„ (I’m still going to try the Vampire Academy series tho)


      1. I’d say Vampire Academy is much better than The Glittering Court! I lost interest pretty much after that, but VA really appealed to my interest back when I was a teen… I’m not sure about now, but I guess it was good when I needed it to be good. I hope you like it. πŸ™‚


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