Top 10 Favorite New Authors of 2016

Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday! This meme is, as always, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016

I think I read a lot of debut novels and new books this year so I’m just going to try to narrow it down to my absolute favorites. Easier said than done.

This list is in no particular order.

1. Jandy Nelson


I read this book in the beginning of the year and fell in love with it. I didn’t love the characters that much, but Jandy Nelson’s writing is amazing. A lot of people didn’t like this book because her writing is so out-there and experimental, but it really works for me. I’ll have to pick up The Sky is Everywhere at some point next year.

2. Leila Sales


This book is fantastic. Leila Sales was able to write such a realistic portrayal of this young girl trying to find herself without really wanting to find herself. This story is so real and doesn’t sugarcoat anything and I love Leila Sales for writing it that way.

3. Dave Eggers


This book has gotten SO much hate, which I understand. It’s kind of like 1984 in a way that it preaches to everyone the danger of being on your phone too much. But I personally really enjoyed it. Dave Eggers just created this futuristic world that was so complex and strong and I loved reading about it. Also, as my mom pointed out to me, Dave Eggers organized a musical campaign against Trump, which is a plus.

4. Agatha Christie


I know, I’m 77 years too late for this one. I know everyone loves Agatha Christie, but I couldn’t comprehend how iconic of a mystery author she is until I actually read one of her books, which I finally did this year. And it did not disappoint. Agatha Christie is truly the Queen of Mystery.

5. Paula Hawkins


Another great mystery writer. I mean, this is the first book I’ve read from her and I don’t even know if she has any other books, but this one is certainly worth the hype. Paula Hawkins creates suspense so well and none of her plot twists are cheap. Solid book, solid author.

6. Jojo Moyes


Despite this book’s kind of controversial ending, you can’t deny that Jojo Moyes knows how to write romance. All her characters were so lovable (even Patrick) and she could make her dialogue anywhere from realistic, to scalding, to funny.

7. Rachel Hartman


Seraphina became one of my favorite books ever in a very short period of time. Rachel Hartman writes fantasy so well; the world she created was so complex but she wrote it in a way that was easy to understand and become a part of. I still don’t know how she pulled that off. Witchcraft?? Anyway, I’m definitely picking up the sequel to this book in 2017. (Even though it got pretty low reviews…I’m choosing to ignore that)

8. Rick Riordan


What?? You’ve never read Percy Jackson before?? you say. Unfortunately, no, I haven’t. It’s sad, I know. I really wish I did though. I started the first book in the beginning of the year and now I’m on the fourth, and I’m really enjoying it, but I feel like I would love it more if I was younger. But Rick Riordan is so good at writing character personalities and hilarious scenarios. I’m making it my goal to read all of his books.

9. Rainbow Rowell


This is like the fifth time I’m mentioning this book in the span of a month and I’m sorry. But it’s so good?? Rainbow Rowell’s writing blew me away. Every little scene was written with so much passion and clarity. This is not a book, this is an experience. I’m just scared to read more of her books because how can they live up to this one?? They can’t.

10. Morgan Matson


This book enraptured me. Morgan Matson writes the best interactions. There are so many different relationships in this book, romantic and platonic, and Morgan Matson gives them all the attention they deserve. This book makes you feel so good about life. (like…90% of the time)

That’s my TTT! Are any of these authors new to you? Are any of them an old favorite for you? As always, feel free to link your TTT post in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite New Authors of 2016

  1. I love Fangirl, didn’t read it this year, but a few years ago and I thought it was brilliant. I also agree with Me Before You. I wasn’t a fan of Girl on the Train. But I did not hate it. I’ve had The Circle on my list forever now, so I need to finally get that one and read it!


    1. Glad you agree about Fangirl and Me Before You!! Sorry you didn’t like Girl on the Train, I admit it does have some questionable moments. And yes, The Circle is definitely an either you hate it or you love it kind of book, but it gives an interesting perspective that was so fun to read about!


  2. oooh, SO MANY EPIC BOOKS HERE!! I agree Fangirl is absolutely amaaaazing but you should totally try Carry On because it’s like an actual novel of the fanfic that Cath was writing. Very meta. Very awesome. 😉 And I love Jandy Nelson. ❤ her writing is just so exquisite it made my heart ache. And Seraphina and dragons were AMAZING. I read that so long ago, though, that I need to re-read and then pick up that sequel!!
    Here’s my TTT!


  3. I haven’t read Agatha Christie yet but I know so many people love her work I really need to pick her books up soon, I love mysteries so I have no idea why I haven’t sooner XD Fangirl is one of my faves too I got to meet Rainbow Rowell this year and even though I was a mess of nerves it was so cool to speak with her XD


  4. I adored Seraphina, such a great fantasy – although I admit I have yet to pick up the sequel. Its also a goal of mine next year to read the Percy Jackson series! Or anything by Rick Riordan really – so much hype around his books. I think its time I check them out for myself. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I’m super intrigued by “The Circle” because I just saw the movie preview. I wasn’t aware of the hate, but I doubt that will stop me. I loved his other books and I am glad to hear you enjoyed this one. Hopefully I will read it in 2017 – gotta read it before I see the movie!


  6. Aww I want to read so many of the books on your list. The only one I have read is You before Me and I agree all the characters are loveable (even Patrick) 😛 Have you read anymore of her books since? I really enjoy her historical romances, especially the girl you left behind.

    Happy Reading!
    Rachel @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune


    1. I haven’t! Me Before You is the only book of hers I’ve read. I don’t think I’ll read the sequel since I want to keep this story’s ending where it is, but I’ll definitely read her other books in the future, hopefully in 2017.


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