Book Tag Saturday: Fictional Boyfriends

Welcome back to Book Tag Saturday!! This week I’m doing The Fictional Boyfriend Tag, which I’m very excited for because I have way too many and I care about them all so much.

I was tagged by Fadwa over at her fantastic blog Word Wonders (thank you!)

I’m also gonna jump on the bandwagon of showing fan art, because that is a genius idea. (click on the picture for the source!)

1. Most Romantic Boyfriend

Aspen from The Selection series. He’s so protective and unselfish and attentive. Basically everything a good boyfriend should be. Truly beautiful.

2. Dark and Moody Boyfriend With A Good Side

Draco Malfoy….don’t you dare judge me on this one. Don’t you judge me. This is fanfiction’s fault.

3. Paranormal Boyfriend

Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments series. Does he count as paranormal? I’m going to count it. It’s fine. Anyway Jace was also the first book character I’ve had a crush on, so he’s very special to me. (Even though he’s kind of a jerk. He’s a lovable jerk.)

4. Boyfriend You Want to Tame

Elias from the Ember in the Ashes series. He’d make a great boyfriend if he would just…stop killing people…

5. Boy You Friend-Zoned

Étienne from Anna and the French Kiss. I don’t really know about this guy. I liked him in the first days of finishing the book, but then I started to think more about his negative traits than his positive. He’s cute and romantic and funny, but his emotions are all over the place and he did cheat on his girlfriend. I would hang out with him, but I don’t think I could date him.

6. Your Soulmate

lol there’s no fan art of lucian by himself, so he’s the one on the right

Lucian from Seraphina!! He’s so sweet and witty and rational. Also he’s a prince, so like…what more could you want? I love him and Seraphina together, but I’d steal him in a heartbeat. Not gonna lie.

7. Boyfriend You Want to Elope With

Clark from The Unexpected Everything. I think he can do much better than Andie, personally. And by ‘much better’, I mean me. He’s so down-to-earth but also a total nerd. And he’s an author and I want to be an author, so like we can write and read books together when we’re married. Perfection.

8. Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With

Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles. I mean, he has his own spaceship so it’d be pretty easy. He just seems so funny and easy to talk to and would make a great travel companion.

9. Boyfriend You’d Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With

This is probably my most recent fictional boyfriend, but Hutch from It’s Not Me, It’s You. We just have so much in common and honestly I could talk to him for hours. We could discuss the best board games and our favorite superheros.

10. Most Badass Boyfriend

Zombie from The Fifth Wave series. He turned from a high school jock to a military leader in like 5 seconds. He will kill you if you get on his nerves. And I love him.

I’m gonna follow Fadwa’s lead and tag some of my recent followers:

1. Liis @ Cover to Cover

2. Theresa @ The Calico Books

3. Annike and Zoë @ Twin Tales

Have fun! And if I didn’t tag you but you want to do this, then by all means do it!


4 thoughts on “Book Tag Saturday: Fictional Boyfriends

    I never likes Aspen though *oups*. I definitely agree on Etienne though. I never saw him as boyfriend material for me! Also, Simon is my TMI boyfriend, I really like Jace but Simon stole my heart completely !! ❤


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