Book Tag Saturday: Gilmore Girls

Hello, and welcome back to Book Tag Saturday! Book Tag Saturday is totally a thing now. This is only my second time doing it but it’s a staple. I already have t-shirts made up.

I started watching Gilmore Girls mainly because my mom basically forced me and my sister to watch it with her, because it was one of her favorite shows, but then it quickly became one of my favorite shows as well. Right now I’m trying to binge re-watch the whole show before the next season comes out (November 25!!!). I’m only on season 2, but I can finish it in a week. Maybe. Okay, now it’s dawning on me that that’s probably impossible. Maybe I’ll just skip to the last season, because #teamlogan

Okay anyway, the Gilmore Girls book tag was created by Bingeing on Books! Let’s get into it!

Rory and Lorelei – a book with an awesome mother/daughter relationship


Pride and Prejudice. Okay, sure, Mrs. Bennett was a little crazy, but she was a sweet kind of crazy. Her interactions with her daughters were always hilarious. Also, I really need to read more books with better mother/daughter relationships. Why is the mom always dead in the books I read?? Depressing.


Rory – favorite character who is a bookworm


Cath from Fangirl. Her cute, nerdy self has latched onto my heart.


 Paris – a character who is snarky and completely honest, almost to a fault


Hermione from Harry Potter. She will not hesitate to tell you when you’re wrong and she’ll have fun doing it.


Lane – book with an awesome best friend


As much as I love the entire friend group in The Unexpected Everything, Clark and Tom’s friendship was so cute to me. Like, I want someone to marathon all the Batman movies with. Goals.


Sookie – a character who makes you laugh


Ohhh, so many. But I have to go with Becky from the Shopaholic series. She says the best things at the worst times. Her whole life is like a sit-com.


Lorelei and Luke – a book about best friends who fall in love


I will never stop loving this trope. It’s my weakness. Rosie and Alex from Love, Rosie have been best friends for like 40 years before getting together. That must be some kind of record.


Jess – most swoon worthy fictional boyfriend 


*cracks knuckles* my favorite question. Too bad I didn’t like Jess…whoops.

Am I in love with Zombie? Maybe. Possibly. Yes definitely.


Lorelai – character who is super clever and quick witted


Ah yes, Jace Wayland, my other favorite fictional boyfriend. He’s a jerk sometimes but you can’t deny how street-smart and witty he is.


Logan – character who is a bad boy with that you can’t help but love 


Can I pick Jace again? No? Okay. Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles. Sure he’s a wanted criminal who broke out of prison and stole a spaceship but he’s got a cute smile.


That’s the Gilmore Girls book tag!! I’m not tagging anyone in particular, but I tag everyone who likes Gilmore Girls. Because this tag was so much fun. Also- if any of you have any recs of books with a great mother/daughter relationship let me know!! I need more of them in my life.


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