Monthly Wrap-Up! October 2016

Hello, all! Oh man, October was endless, but it’s finally over. It’s been a crazy busy month for me, but I’ve read 8 books! 8 whole books! I’m proud of myself. Okay, one has been for one of my classes and it took like half an hour to read, but I’m counting it. It’s fine. I’ll allow it. So in this wrap-up, I’ll talk about books I’ve read (obviously), books I’m reading now, and what is generally going on with my life.



  1. The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan

3/5 stars

What a weird, weird book. I had to read this for my mass communications class, and I burned through it in less than an hour. Basically, it was written in the 1960s and the author seemed to predict television culture and the internet. There were pictures, quotes, and paragraphs of text that didn’t go in chronological order. One page you had to read upside-down and one page had to be held up to a mirror to read. Extremely interesting book, but I liked the format of  it better than what the author had to say.

2. The One by Kiera Cass

3/5 stars

The third and not-so-final book in the Selection series, this book gave me the bland ending I expected. I honestly don’t know why I read this series, since I care 0% about the characters and the plot. And yet, I’m still probably going to read the next two books. What’s wrong with me?? Why is this series so addicting??

3. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

4/5 stars

This book was so much better than I thought it would be. It was consistently hilarious throughout the book and yet the plot never felt ridiculous. You can see my full review here!

4. The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

4/5 stars

Yes, I am 18 year old reading Percy Jackson for the first time, thanks for asking. This book had so much humor and friendship and good themes in it! I feel like a lot of YA leaves these elements out to be “grittier” but they really shouldn’t. Such a feel-good book. I miss middle-grade reads!!

5. Signs of You by Emily France

2/5 stars

This book wins two of my just-now-made-up awards: best cover and most disappointing read. Honestly, I got this book out of the library as soon as I saw the cover. It was a split-second decision. Love at first sight. And then I read the synopsis! A girl and her band of misfit friends keep seeing their dead relatives. And then I thought, this is going to be the best book ever. It wasn’t. Not by a long shot. The plot, while interesting, was watered down by terrible high school cliches and unnatural dialogue. The grieving over a dead mom or brother, which is a really heavy and important topic, was handled in a really weird and unhelpful way. I don’t know. I cringed a lot. Moving on.

6. Winter by Marissa Meyer

4/5 stars

As I’ve mentioned on my Goodreads, this book took me over a month to finish. Partly because my audiobook version expired and I was put back on a waiting list but also because I didn’t want this series to end. I’ll admit, I’m not as into these books as a lot of others are in the bookish community. This series was not a 5-star or all-time-favorite for me. But, I really, really enjoyed this last book. I even teared up at the end. These characters are like my children. I love them so.

7. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne

3/5 stars

I really didn’t know what to think after I finished this one. I liked it, I liked the plot and the dialogue and the new characters. It just didn’t seem like an 8th Harry Potter book to me. Maybe if it wasn’t marketed as Harry Potter #8 I would have appreciated it more, but it was and it just didn’t have the magic (both writing-wise and like, actual magic) that the other books had. But on its own, it’s a really good book. (book/script. whatever)

8. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

3/5 stars

Aaahhh, I love mysteries. There’s just something so engaging about them, like the authors leave clues for the reader and we can figure things out alongside the character. They’re so fun. This book was no exception. I just felt like it dragged on at the end. The mystery aspect is over a good amount of pages before the plot is wrapped up, which seemed weird to me. Then it went into an epilogue-ish scenario and I just wasn’t that into it. The beginning was a little slow as well, but that’s never a big problem for me. But 3/4ths of the book=great.


I’m reading way too many books at once. It’s a mistake. This is a mistake. Okay, really quick overview so far:

Diplomatic Immunity- Eh. At the beginning it seemed like a nice story about this aspiring reporter, but then she met this super hot, super rich guy and everything after that has been cliches. I’ll probably review it.

Fangirl- I’m loving this. I’m so close to the end and am definitely writing a review. Cath is me. I am Cath.

P.S. I Still Love You- It’s….interesting. Took a turn I did not expect nor really want. But I love these characters.

A Torch Against the Night- Super late to the hype but I’m reading it! Loved the first book but I’m only like 6 chapters into this one. Good so far, though.

The Unexpected Everything- I’m almost done with this one!! So, so cute and funny. I love the different relationships and how they’re all written. I’m definitely reading more of Morgan Matson’s books after this.


Yes, I do. Apparently. For now. So, October is the month that I started this blog! It’s my fourth blog post and first monthly wrap-up. It’s so exciting!! I can’t wait to find more great blogs to follow and to hopefully meet bookish friends. (Because none of my friends in real life care about the same kind of books I do. It’s upsetting) But it just hit me that college and a book blog is gonna keep me really busy. So many books to read. So many essays to procrastinate. So little time.


That’s my wrap-up for October! How was your guys’ October? What did you guys read this month? Did we read the same books? Also, if you’ve done any reviews for the books I’ve read/am currently reading, let me know so I can read them!!


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